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Whether you are planning a quiet celebration with your family or an office party, we got you covered. Christmas 2023 menu is here!

Available for delivery and collection 7 days a week or eat-in during our opening hours.

Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten free options available!

Christmas Wreath
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A selection of Greek and Mediterranean dishes

Desserts – choice of 2:

-Kourambiedes (soft, dry cookies with a powdered sugar coating)

-Melomakarona (Christmas honey cookies with nuts and cinnamon)


-Chocolate Baklava


Dips – choice of 2:



-Cranberry whipped Feta dip

-Htipiti spicy Feta dip with chillies

-Feta dip

-Paprika and tomato dip (vegan)


Cold appetizers – choice of 2:

-Greek figs in blankets with Goat cheese


-Spakanotiropitakia (spinach and Feta filo triangles)

-Tiropitakia (Feta filo triangles)

-Loukanikopitakia (sausage rolls)

-Prosciutto and Halloumi mini skewers 

-Dates and Halloumi mini skewers (vegan available)

-Baked Feta bites with cranberry sauce and rosemary


Salads – choice of 1:

-Greek salad

-Patzarosalata beetroot salad with pears, walnuts and yoghurt dressing

-Feta, cranberry and apple quinoa salad

-Fennel salad with grapefruit, olives and Goat cheese with pine nuts


Hot sides – choice of 2:

-Roasted potatoes

-Roasted vegetables

-Braised chestnuts and shallots in tomato sauce

-Kaserokrokietes (cheese croquettes)

-Bouyourdi (spicy Feta dip with peppers and topped with Kefalotyri, Gouda and Mozzarella)


Hot mains – choice of 2:

-Kokkinisto sweet chicken stew with Greek dessert wine and plums (vegan available)

-Lamb Giouvetsi stew with Orzo pasta

-Spetsofai spicy sausage and peppers stew

-Stifado Beef and onion stew

-Bekri Meze drunken pork stew

-Gemista vegetable and rice stuffed peppers - vegan

-Revitho fritters (falafel vegan)

-Chicken skewers

-Pork skewers

-Lamb skewers

-Halloumi and vegetables skewers

Cost per person is £18. Minimum order for 2 people. Pre-order at least 7 days in advance via email or via phone 01905312280.

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