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Let the magic of Greek cuisine elevate your celebration!


Indulge in the flavours of Greece. Eat Greek Catering brings the taste of the Mediterranean to your special events. From authentic Gyros and Souvlaki, Greek BBQ, to mouth watering Moussaka and Tzatziki, we’ve got your cravings covered. Whether it is a family gathering, corporate event, or a milestone celebration, our Greek catering is key to an unforgettable experience. Opa!

Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten free options available!

Authentic Greek street food


Indulge your guests with delectable and authentic Greek wraps with Gyros and Souvlaki, prepared and cooked on-site for a mythically delicious experience.

We offer a selection of side dishes, salads and desserts to complement your culinary experience.


Buffets & Sharing boards

Our buffet & sharing boards options are tailored to your unique preferences, making them the ideal choice for larger gatherings and a variety of special occasions such as corporate events, weddings, christenings, birthdays, and more. We take pride in creating a bespoke menu that perfectly aligns with your event's theme and dietary requirements, ensuring a culinary experience that exceeds your expectations. Whether you're hosting a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, our buffets & sharing boards offer a variety of delectable dishes that will leave your guests thoroughly satisfied and impressed.

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Greek style BBQ

Our cold bar is thoughtfully designed to complement the main dishes, offering an array of dips, salads, and delectable sides. Our main dish selection boasts an enticing array of options, including succulent Pork and Chicken Souvlaki, savoury Bifteki, flavourful Greek sausages, and an assortment of other Greek delights.

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Grazing tables & Canapes

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Self service catering for smaller parties

Perfect for every occasion no matter what the celebration is.

A selection of Greek and Mediterranean dishes



Feta dip

Htipiti spicy Feta dip

Vegan Paprika dip




Greek salad 

Halloumi Cheese salad with sweet chili dressing 

Patzarosalata - beetroot salad with walnuts, pears, blue cheese and yoghurt dressing 

Layered chicken gyros salad with burger sauce dressing

Cold pasta salad with chicken, courgettes, chickpea and lemon dressing 

Cretan Dakos salad with barley rusk, tomatoes, Feta and balsamic glaze 


Cold sides:

Dolmadakia stuffed vine leaves 

Spanakotiropitakia spinach and Feta filo pastry triangles

Tiropitakia Feta cheese filo pastry triangles

Loukanikopitakia sausage rolls

Dates and Halloumi skewers

Prosciutto, dates and Halloumi skewers


Hot sides and mains: 

Revithokeftedes chickpea fritters

Pita Bread / Garlic Pita Bread

Chicken Souvlaki

Pork Souvlaki

Lamb Souvlaki

Bifteki (can be stuffed with cream cheese or Feta)

Gemista rice and vegetables stuffed peppers

Oregano and lemon potato wedges 

Lemon and herbs rice 

Spanakoryzo spinach rice 

Fasolia Gigantes butter beans in tomato sauce 

Fasolakia garlicky green beans 

Roasted vegetables 

Spetsofai spicy sausages and peppers stew 

Kotopoulo Kokkinisto tomato sauce and Greek dessert wine chicken stew with plums 

Bekri Meze drunken pork stew

Stifado beef and onions stew

Keftedakia meatballs in tomato sauce



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